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Yamakura Corporation
Important Information
Type Roleplay Faction
Sphere NPC
Known Members
Takeshi Yamakura (CEO)
New Tech

Yamakura is a corporation within the 'New Tech' Convention. 

The company of electronics. If it blinks, it's probably from them. A strong Japanese company before the merger with Windows, they are the dominant software/hardware corporation within LATMA and a strong asset in the race to 'conquer new frontiers'.

Yamakura industries is a financial and technological giant that specializes in communications and electronics.



One of the few corporations that weathered The Fall, Yamakura was quick to lend their technology and infrastructure to rebuild parts of the world. Based primarily in Japan, the corporation pioneered technologies that would enable those areas that were minimally affected by the events of the Fall to rebuild. One of their largest contributions to the rebuilding effort was their 'Solar Weave' technology which allowed buildings and vehicles to generate their own power. Large canopies of the sturdy, flexible material, could be hung or draped over command posts and city-centers to keep necessary equipment functioning. The CEO of Yamakura, at the time of recovery from the Fall, donated enough Solar Weave sails to accommodate every working hospital in Japan. This also allowed the corporation to spread its influence throughout the country and then, later, abroad. 

Solar Weave[]

Solar Weave is one of the principle products that has helped Yamakura fund their empire. 

The Research and Development division of Yamakura has an annual contest for school children to produce something new (and useful) that uses Solar Weave that will 'improve the lives" of the world. There are slogan boards and vid adds a plenty advertising the hell out of whatever new product is using their basic technology. 

Yamakura, however, has been rather tight-lipped about how it was created and has an army of lawyers who will pounce on any upstart corporation or company that tries to infringe upon their copyright. 


Ameratsu "Naturally, we are grateful for the efforts of the Amaterasu Corporation for stabilizing the economy during those years of unrest."
- Corporate Spokesman
Helix Corp "We are not aware of such a corporation and it is highly unlikely that they would share our same ideas for building the new future."
- Corporate Spokesman
GenCorp "Ah, yes... GenCorp. We have heard of their advances in bio-genetic research. If they could only use their research to develop medicines for Everyone it would be a much better world, no?"
- Takeshi Yamakura
Metsec "We are very grateful for the assistance provided by Metropolitan Security."
- Corporate Spokesman


Yamakura is known to be one of the larger producers of: