Dark Metal MUSH Wikia
Basic Information
Concept Street Kid
Age Unknown
Status Dark
Nature ?
Demeanor Bravo
Detailed Information
sphere Mage
group Verbena
faction Traditions
position None
Troupe The Fallen

Recent History[]

Wyck has returned to LATMA after a several year gap. When he returned, however, he looked completely different. When he left he was just past his mid twenties surfing towards the big 3-0. When he returned he was much younger, with white hair and looking as though he just got out of High School. In truth this guy who 'pretends' to be Wyck could easily be a younger brother. That being said, everything about this new arrival looks and acts likes the old one so who knows.

Wyck's old hang out, the Wycked Grounds, was taken over by one of his old staff and he has no real claim on it now. He's wandering around in an old, beat up Winibago camper that moves around the city here and there. 


Wyck moves between the Paradiso Tower colony in the Redlands and his former business, the Wycked Grounds in Pasadena. He's helping the colony get settled and such and even parked his infamous Winibago out in their compound so that he has a place to live while he's out there.

He maintains a presence in Pasadena to help those people in the Redlands and vice versa. There's just too much to be found within Pasadena that could help the colonists to quit the place completely. Additionally, Wyck has been constructing a Sanctum deep below his building for years. The sanctum, which he calls a Hollow, is a twisting spiral of caves and tunnels where he can perform his magic without the interference of the 'modern' world. 


Wyck is wild and hard to pin down to any one type of personality. When others are sad, he's happy. When he -should- be happy, he's some kind of sad. He can look the world in the eyes and never flinch at one moment and then wells up with tears at the sight of a dead crow. He's what your parents would have called 'odd'. That being said, he's the best friend you'd ever want to have when you got bodies to hide. He may not come cheap, but he always comes when you need him. It may not be pretty, but it will work. He's the prom date that -will- put out on the first date... so long as you're nice. He's Peter Pan and somehow...he's lost a decade. 


  • Puck: Shakespear
  • Peter Pan: J.M. Barry
  • Jack Frost: Legend of the Guardians
  • "By the pricking of my thumb, I pray the nameless boy to come.
  • O' blackest day, o brightest night bring him now before my sight. Let not a dawn doth shine nor a twilight wither, now I call upon the Wyck - to come hither."

RP Hooks[]

  • Winibago-02-sm.png
     Normally he tries to find up-scale buisnessmen who want a little action on the down-low and is usually able to keep them quite entertained. (NOT effeminate)
  • Homeless: (strictly speaking he lives in a Winibago but it's on the street)
  • Fixer: Wyck is known for helping people find what they need - for a small price. He's always carrying with him a canvas satchel which seems to have everything he'd need to fix most things. 
  • Witch: When all else fails and he needs money - he's known to read tarot cards, cast curses and things on people. He drums it up as an act to make money.
  • Vagrant: Occasionally he has to move the camper so that people don't become too wise that he's stealing their power or water. So he could end up anywhere in the city.
  • Artist: Wyck is usually sketching or painting or something in a sketchbook
  • Ice Dealer: Wyck has been known to deal Ice on occasion - depending on when he needs real money. 


Changeling I once met a Queen of the Fae and she asked me a question. Apparently I gave the wrong answer as I'm now 17 years old and I have white hair. Don't tangle with them if you can.
Demon I've seen the Exorcist a few times, does that count?
Mage I tend not to get along with most of my own kind - at least the ones who use Technology
Mortal Some people are good people - help the ones who are good, keep the bad ones away.
Werewolf I once had a boyfriend who was a shifter... doesn't that sound like the beginning of a bad joke? Yeah - it was.
Wraith I'd rather not get involved with ghosts. 
Vampire Yeah - I know -all- about them.

RP Logs[]

(Use Log/Wyck)

Refugee Gallery[]

When Wyck returned to LATMA, he had been changed. For all appearances he was now much younger (from around 27 to maybe 17) and his long brown hair was now short, spikey and white. When asked about the transformation he simply said that "One shouldn't get the attention of a Queen of the Fae". 

Wastelands Gallery[]

Over time, Wyck's hair started to regain its usual color but he remained young. Now a 17 year old boy but with the heart, soul and mind of a man that was nearly a decade older, he's head out to the Wastelands for a while. 



Origin Activity in LATMA

Wyck was born in the swampy remains of what was southern Louisanna in the years of reconstruction after The Fall. Having survived with his Wastelander parents who skirted the border of the LEC until his thirteenth birthday, they were decimated in a raid while they were scrapping one of the more southern cities. Rather than remain with the survivors, he decided to leave them and join one of the nomadic caravans that follow the Tube lines that headed west. Well, 'decided' is a strong word; more like 'taken by Slavers'. 

The slavers sold him in an open market in Texas. He was found by a Blood Hunter for a one of the Vampire Barons in the state. The Hunter, which was essentially responsible for keeping his master's herd properly stocked, took one look at Wyck and suspected that his master, a vampire named Iago, would enjoy the boy's youth and 'spark'. 

The Blood Hunter collected him, had him bathed, branded and put him in with the others Blood Boys and girls.  

Nearly five years passed and Wyck grew into the roll of being a blood slave and, in time, his talent woke itself up. The magic found him the same night when his master's Throne came under attack. Though he never knew from whom the attack came, the chaos allowed him and a few others to escape. 

The closest place for them to go that offered any type of safety was that of LATMA. With MetSec patrolling the cities back then, it was hoped that Iago's forces (or those who came for him) would not be able to follow the escaped blood slaves to the city. 

Wyck spent a few years running in and around LATMA as an average kid of the streets. He eventually was able to parley himself into a position of some stability by acting as a high-priced social companion as well as occasional Ice dealer to the club scene. The connection with the nightclub scene within the Brigh Cities gave him the insite to present himself as a rave promoter. 

The raves that he directed all through the LATMA were quite well attended and many times they were interrupted by some supernatural friction - often by Vampires. Even with increased security the problems with the blood-suckers continued to plague such public venues. Eventually he decided to leave the raves behind and take what profits he had made and purchase an old building in Pasadena and turn it into a coffee and book house; Wycked Grounds

The well-known hangout in the city allowed him to explore a different side of his life; that of a philanthropist. He went out of his way to help the Loteks and Dark folks of Lynwood and the Fringe areas of LATMA. His work with the dark community and the occasional brush with the community of Magi eventually drove him to investigating the spirit realms. 

Long he delved into the Horizon, searching answers to questions that plagued his mind and one day he forgot how to find his way back. 


9 Crimes - Damien Rice

Apologize - Timbaland

Raise your Glass - Warblers

House Rules - Christian Kane

Aint no rest for the wicked - Cage the Elephant