Vitas Veritae
Basic Information
Type Item / Vampire
Status Dark
Additional Information
Sphere Vampire / Mortal
ST Wyck
Associated Conventions

Vitas Veritae is a Convention of the Mortal and Vampire spheres.

Put simply: Vitas Veritae is the convention that humans (at least some) have discovered the healing properties of vampire blood and have started to buy it on the Black Market. Normally such a commodity is priced so high that it avoids the Dark areas of the city, but if you're the right person and know the right people... it can be had.


Because of the restriction on Supernaturals (Order 47), possession of a vial of 'Vitas' or sometimes called simply 'V', is a punishable offense. However, a single vial of the precious liquid can heal wounds, repair internal injuries, etc. 

It is even rumored that an aged CEO of the Consortium used three vials of V to rid himself of a cancerous growth that was eating him alive. 

If you taste it, even a drop, it will fill you with a huge rush of energy - better than any of those synthetic chemicals out there. 

RP HooksEdit

  • One vial of V will give the drinker the following boosts: +2 Perception for approximately 1 hour after drinking. 
  • The after effects are lethargy and an increased appetite. Many people who have tried V had reported hungry for meat and have consumed two or three steaks after the effects wore off. 
  • Should there be an injury, the after effects are less severe as the potency of the 'V' is burned out to repair the damage. Additionally, the enhanced perception is only vaguely present should the 'V' need to repair damage.