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Recent History[]

This should be taken as a generally known history of the vampires within the area of LATMA within the past year.

  • One year ago, the floating headquarters of the Camarilla was shot out of the sky and crashed into Escondido. This severely diminished the number of 'active' vampires within that Sect, destroying many of their elders and those who held positions of authority. It was not known (generally) who was responsible for the event that has been described as the The Broken Throne.
  • Shortly after the 'death' of the old Camarilla prince and the court, the Sabbat was ripped apart in an event known as The Schism. Over two-thirds of the Sabbat defected to the New Aztec Empire in South America and assisted their new regime in hunting down many of the elders of the Sect still remaining in and around Tijuana.
  • The remnants of the Independent Clans, the Anarchs and those refugees of the Sabbat and the Camarilla have been working over the past year to rebuild their own security. This has left the Vampire community within the LATMA area to fall back to a NEO-Feudal style of self-government. This style of government seems to ignore the previously established lines of Sect (Camarilla vs Sabbat) and more closely resembles the Anarch system of Barons and Lords of particular cities. This new style has become known as the Court of Blood.

The Fall[]

The Camarilla abandon the West Coast to concentrate on other areas.

Mexico is Sabbat, California is Anarch, the Camarilla influences have retreated to the Northwest region.


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