Valley of Life
Basic Information
Type Package/ Wastelands
Status Dark
Additional Information
ST Wyck-ST
Associated Conventions
Reality Bubble

The Valley of Life convention is a Reality Bubble convention located in the region formerly known as Death Valley, north of LATMA and west of Old Vegas.

What is knownEdit

In an event that coincides with the arrival of the wrecked spaceship (though the two events do not appear related), drones from the Consortium report large swaths of green vegetation (of the normal, Terran variety) having 'grown' rather rapidly all over the area formerly known as Death Valley.

With some investigationEdit

  • Life: The valley seems to be teaming with life now. Thermography scans suggest that there are a number of life forms now living within the valley.
  • Climate change: It's uncertain if the Reality Bubble is in effect still but the climate within the valley is now approaching what could be considered normal for a temperate climate.
Velociraptors Long Grass

Velociraptors Long Grass