Troupe style is now the dominant form of roleplay (RP) on Dark Metal. Troupes are basically small groups of players which are lead by a Storyteller (ST). The players and the storyteller decide on what type of story they want to explore with their characters. Some troupes will encompass multi-sphere RP and some will stay focused within one sphere. It's entirely up to the troupe.

Troupe style RP allows for a much more in-depth bit of RP as players don't have to get their characters approved by this staff or that staff, they simply have to get themselves reviewed and approved by the ST. If they want something unique for their character and the ST is fine with it, voila - done. The only caution is that if a character were to transfer Troupes, the new ST may not allow some things that the previous ST did. This is why it's important to review each Troupe's Convention list.

Current TroupesEdit

(Use Rp Troupe)

Troupe ZonesEdit

(Those areas on the grid built for or commonly used by troupes for their roleplay. Default policy is that areas linked to the public grid are also open for public roleplay, but check individual troupe zones for details.)

Current ConventionsEdit

Main article: Convention

Conventions are modifications to the setting specific to each troupe. Some troupes may adopt the same convention or slightly modify it to fit their needs.

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