Dark Metal MUSH Wikia
Basic Information
Concept Skinhead
Age Teenaged
Status Dark
Nature nature
Demeanor Demeanor
Detailed Information
sphere Vampire
group Brujah
faction Sabbat
position None
Troupe None yet

Recent History[]

Where she came from, where she is and where she's been is known only to her and the trail of destruction and tomfoolery left in her wake. Vanished from LATMA after the fall of Dagoth.


Tommi (aka Tommi 2-Tone) is a wild-eyed, eternally youthful skinhead betty, from the streets of Pasadena. Psychologically, perpetually drunk, sometimes hot-tempered, sometimes monsterous, cruel and undeniably, utterly out of her freaking brain insane. Prone to random mood swings, confusion and hallucinations, rage and violence, Tommi can go from clarity to completely madness from one moment to the next. Gone from sect-loyal to independent, she's forgone all ties and loyalties, her only friend now her insanity and her beer bottle.

RP Hooks[]

Work in progress.