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The Point (of Inaccessibility)
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ST Wyrd
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Storyteller: Wyrd

The Point (of Inaccessibility) will be run as OOC conversations with me, your IC roleplay, and an archive of canonical logs maintained by participants here on the wiki.

OOC Conversations:[]

When you chat with me, you can ask questions and I'll answer them. I'll ask questions in turn, and you answer them.

NOTE: I'm not requiring that you tell the truth, as long as you don't actually break internal game rules to do it. I may not either. However, I will remind you that pissing off the ST can really entertain the rest of the group, at your expense.

Our chats are your responsibility to post up as OOC logs, but you can delete anything you don't want shared. Don't edit my words. Do delete wholesale or decline to post at all, it's your choice. Effectively our chats are game canon which you can choose to let your partners discover on their own, or share with some ICly or all of them OOCly.

IC Roleplay:[]

Once you feel you have enough to work with themewise, go play. We'll have a small grid at first, and you'll have a fairly clear idea of what makes sense to +spawn. Exploration is the name of the game-- and a lot of that exploration will be each other. You'll be working as a team. Try to get together on-game when life and time permit, and play with the various other participants.

Double back to asking me OOC questions at any time. Paging me questions while you're RPing is awesome, include the answers in your logs where you can.

Read each others' logs, OOC and IC.

And I will give you IC tasks.