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The Body Shoppe
Important Information
Type Luxury spa/cyber clinic
Location Downtown/The Galleria
Owner Sabrina Welkin
Faction None


"Elegance With an Edge"

This motto, mounted on the wall behind the reception desk in graceful cursive script and mirrored gold, is apt. The Body Shoppe feels much like a luxury spa or hotel with an old-fashioned art deco city elegance; gleaming black marble countertops and tile, rich dark-stained walls and wood tables, black leather furniture, chrome trim, and the occasional potted plant to break up the sterility.

Located in the Galleria, the Body Shoppe offers cutting-edge services and procedures for the LATMA elite. Ultra-fashionable cyberware, cyber accessories, and maintenance services can all be had here.


Massage treatments and therapies[]

"It's no secret that life in LATMA can wear you down. But a visit to our famous Salon Stylistique or an hour with one of our master masseuses can get you back on top. Come in for one of our Rejuvenation Therapies for a targeted treatment, or several at once with one of our Therapy Packages -- after a day at The Body Shoppe, we guarantee you'll feel like a new person."

Cyberware and BodyForm™ modifications[]

"The Body Shoppe presents BodyForm™ implant and body modification packages, for your perfect, or better-than-perfect body. Why settle for what God made you, when we can make you better?"

BodyWorks elite cybersurgery suite[]

"The MCS is truly cutting-edge - if you'll excuse the term - there's nothing that comes remotely close to the cleanliness and efficiency that this arrangement can claim. The end result is perfection, every time. Truly eine schone Maschine." -- Dr. Reinholt Bergen, discussing the Messerheit Cybersurgery System in Chromeworks 2047.

Troupe Zone[]

The Body Shoppe is a Blood and Chrome troupe zone, and operates under the troupe policies. Any questions, please feel free to contact ChromeST.