Basic Information
Type Item / Vehicle
Status Bright
Additional Information
Sphere Mortal
Faction Corporations
ST Wyck-ST
Associated Conventions

Templar vehicles often work in tandem with their more heavier counterpart, a Paladin. Where as the Paladin is a more heavily armored troop transport that can unleash significant destruction in its wake, a Templar is designed to transport and to scout. Armored and EMP shielded, they are mostly designed for secure movements in Grey and Dark areas and less for the Wastelands.


  • Crew Compliment: 2
  • No weapons
  • Max speed = 60 mph
  • Longevity = 6 hours of operation before refuel. (solar cell backup for additional 2 hours)
  • EMP Shielded (since they were designed for radiation research)


Resources of 4 are required to legally possess such a vehicle. They are the 'Humvee' of Dark Metal.

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