Takeshi Yamakura is the grandson of the original founder of the corporation and current CEO of Yamakura Corp . He is known to be -strictly- old-world Japanese and demands an absolutely strict code of behavior from his employees. 


Takeshi is a fusion of pre-Fall, nearly imperialist Japan, with the modern world. His corporate office is decorated with relics from feudal japan and it's said that he has studied Kendo since he was a child. 


The character of Takeshi Yamakura is directly pulled from the character of "Katsumoto" from the movie, The Last Samurai. He is a strong, yet compassionate leader.


  • The Last Samurai - Bushido Scene

    The Last Samurai - Bushido Scene

    Takeshi is married and has at least three children that are known. His oldest son is nearing eighteen years old and has been groomed his entire life to take over the family corporation. 
  • There was a rumor, a few years ago - though never confirmed, that Takeshi had an older brother who -should- have inherited the family corporation. When investigated, the most people get is that the older brother died in an accident and the family wishes the matter closed out of respect for the dead.
  • Whenever Takeshi appears in public, he is always under the protection of at least two, often four personal guards. Though it is assumed that they are carrying licensed firearms, they are seen to be carrying katana; a possible omage to his fondness for the Samurai heritage of his family.