Dark Metal MUSH Wikia

Dark Metal was originally created to use the 'traditional' White Wolf, World of Darkness games as well as some elements from Cyberpunk. 


To allow the players to engage in either 'Classic World of Darkness' or the 'New World of Darkness', a seperate Metropolitan Area has been opened for roleplay. This new Metro is located in the area that connects New York with Boston and is called 'NewBos '.

Troupes can explore NewBos (as an area within the commonly shared setting) without converting to the New World of Darkness and vice-versa. 

Werewolf: The Apocalypse Human
Vampire: The Masquerade Vampire: The Requiem
Mage: The Ascension Ghoul
Changeling (Not sure) Changeling: The Lost
Cyberpunk (?) Alien

Troupe Style RP[]

To accomodate a more free-floating rp style, the mush has adopted a Troupe Style Roleplaying system. The idea is that the characters are attached to a group of other characters and they have their own set of plots and stories within the commonly shared world of Dark Meta. 

Within each Troupe are a series of Conventions which can augment the Canon elements of the Setting