Stadium Arcadium
Important Information
Type Video game/eSport stadium/Matrix hub
Location Downtown/The Galleria
Faction None

The Arcadium is a cavernous warehouse space tucked back behind the shops of the Galleria, hundreds of feet across with almost no attempt made to make the place habitable. In the center is the vast pit of the arcade's namesake stadium, concentric circles leading down and filled with over a thousand padded reclining chairs and the oblivious gamers jacked into the ports built into the armrests. The headline battle is projected upwards in fifty-foot-tall holograms that fill the arena and the air above it. Beyond the rim of the arena, the corners of the arcade are filled with concession stands, rows of antique arcade cabinets, and kiosks selling knickknacks and the latest personal electronics and home entertainment.


Troupe ZoneEdit

The Stadium Arcadium is a Blood and Chrome troupe zone, and operates under the troupe policies. Any questions, please feel free to contact ChromeST.