Solar Weave
Basic Information
Type Item / Technology
Status Bright
Additional Information
Sphere Mortal
Faction Yamakura
ST Wyck
Associated Conventions

Solar Weave is a flexible solar panel that was developed early in the global shift towards scientific discovery. The material is light, flexible and can generate enough charge to power most personal electronics depending on the size of the pannel and the size of the device.

Solar Weave, in its various forms,  has been used in everything from covering airships (as in the case of the Sky Runner) or even as building material - though it's often called 'Solar Board' or 'Bright Wall' (think drywall but as a solar pannel). 

Because of the general climate of the area and the abundance of sunlight, Bright Wall homes have popped up all over the place. The silvery-sided houses and structures are all over the Fringe Zones and those areas within Strongholds where they need power. It's said that the pannels are so effecient that they can generate enough power to fuel whatever needs one would have inside it. 


Solar Weave was developed by the Yamakura corporation and has been one of their chief projects since its creation. Their engineers constantly are coming out with new applications for the 'free energy'. The Research and Development division of Yamakura has an annual contest for school children to produce something new (and useful) that uses Solar Weave that will 'improve the lives" of the world. There are slogan boards and vid adds a plenty advertising the hell out of whatever new product is using their basic technology. 

Yamakura, however, has been rather tight-lipped about how it was created and has an army of lawyers who will pounce on any upstart corporation or company that tries to infringe upon their copyright.