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Type NPC Faction
Sphere Mortal
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The Wastes

The Snakemen are a radical group of Wasteland Raiders who are known to attack settlements out in the Wastes and take those prisoners that they are able to capture back to their settlements. Once they have returned, the Snakemen hold a large, orgy of blood and flesh where they sacrifice some of their prisoners to juvenile Wasteland Wyrms which they believe is some kind of deity. Those who aren't sacrificed are killed and their bodies eaten to increase the 'power' of their people.

Reports from Wasteland Runners vary but it is thought that there are more than one tribe of Snakemen. Each tribe has between twenty and thirty warriors and they always are on the look out for a settlement to attack. It's said that they hunt when the moon is dark so that they can sacrifice their victims under the 'serpent's eye' (crescent moon).

Snakemen always attack in large numbers on modified Hellcats. They never use Rovers and prefer melee weapons over ranged though they're not above using barbed spears to stab at and injure their prey. They will often use a tactic where each one of their riders will carry a flaming torch so that they can toss it either at the walls of the settlement that they're attacking or at the gate in the hopes of burning it to the point of weakening. This does make them more visible, in a sense, but it is also a tactic to breed fear.

Some idea of the Snakemen's Raid

Some idea of the Snakemen's Raid.

The sight of the long trail of fire, the sound of their horns and the roar of their Hellcats have been enough to drive people to simply abandon their settlements and set out in whatever vehicle will carry them.

"When the Snakemen come - all you can do is run...and hope you're fast enough."

Rp HooksEdit

  • Snakemen always take prisoners.
  • A tribe of Snakemen have been identified north of the Mojave Freeway somewhere between Barstow and Old Vegas.
  • Snakemen villages are sedentary because they have to have the pit to house the Wyrms.
  • You can always tell that you're entering the territory of the Snakemen as they build large
  • Snakemen are similar to the 'Vendu' in 13th warrior. They sound big horns, they attack, they inspire great fear.
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