Slavers Guild
Important Information
Type Dark Faction
Sphere NPC/Wastelands
Known Members
The Wastes

The Banner of a Slaver's Clan. Each clan decorates their wheel slightly differently.


The brand of the Slaver's Guild. Though each clan may vary on the design of their wheel, all use the same brand.

Few words out on the Wastelands inspire as much fear and panic as the word 'Slavers'.

Slavers are a loose confederation of associated clans that raid the Wastelands for whatever they can find. The only 'good' thing about the Slavers is that they're not Snakemen. That is, they may capture you, force you into slavery and sell you off to the highest bidder but at least they won't eat you.

When Slavers come, they do so in a large, thunderous horde to scare the people in their strongholds. Once their warriors have taken the fortress town, the leaders of the clan roll in and begin the process of assessing and evaluating their new stock. 

Those people who they feel are simply too far injured or too difficult to tame are shot or killed immediately. Very rarely will a clan leave anyone alive and unchained after a raid. The captured townsfolk are stripped of their possessions, left with only meager rags to shield them from the sun (because slaved that have been scorched by the sun are harder to sell) and put in chains for the trip to the nearest Slaver town. 

Depending on the clan, the new slaves are either branded on the spot to mark them as 'sellable' or branded once they arrive at the Slave Market. 

Slavers will typically categorize their prizes into one of three categories: 

  • Body Slave: for sex work.
  • Field Slave: to be used for manual labor
  • Pit Slave: to fight in the pits for their amusement. 
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