From the Caern Wars

Lament - light of aidan

Lament - light of aidan

The two tribes that were the least affected by the battles over the sacred sites were the Silent Striders and the Stargazers. Both tribes were not always welcomed within the Garou Nation of LATMA and when the call went out for aid to defend their Caerns, many of the two tribes answered - only to be sent away or ordered to complete nearly suicidal missions by the Get of Fenris and the Shadow Lords. When they approached the Silver Fangs for true leadership, they were again, generally unwelcomed. 

For reasons that few can imagine, it was the Fianna who welcomed the brothers and sisters from these two clans to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the defences of their homes. The Fianna, also never really having a firm position within the Garou-scape of LATMA, were in the same position as their more quiet, contimplative cousins. Still, a threat to a Caern is still a threat and so they did their duty to Gaia. 

When the battles were done and the distrust and anger continued to pit garou against garou, the three went their own ways - many leaving LATMA for their own lands, some remaining to see what would happen and yet others vanished like dust in the wind.