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Basic Information
Type Item / Alien Tech
Status Dark
Additional Information
Sphere Wastelands
ST Wyck
Associated Conventions

A sentinel is a bit of Alien Tech found in the Shipwreck out in the Wastelands. The item is a combination of crystal and metallic elements, roughly bronze in color and is exactly 9 inches in diameter.

What is known[]

  • All anyone has been able to discover about this bit of technology is that they are positioned in some chambers of the crashed, alien space craft and should anyone enter the chamber, a beam of energy is emitted from the crystal at the center of this device and either vaporizes or teleports the target (though no one's been able to find where they have been teleported to).
  • Any attempt to approach the devices also activates it. 
  • The crystal and the metal components seem impervious to standard ammunition.