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Sense of the Blood
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Basic Information
Type Sphere Mechanics
Status Dark
Additional Information
Sphere Vampire
ST Wyck
Associated Conventions

Something like 'the Highlander Effect', vampires can often tell the immediate presence of others of their kind based on the potency (generation) of their blood. 

When a vampire enters the immediate location of another vampire the two should roll Perception+Generation vs 6.

Number of Successses

  1. Presence of another Vampire within the immediate vacinity.(i.e. There's a vampire in this bar)
  2. Relative direction of the new vampire from the source. (i.e. He/she is near the entrance)
  3. Specific Physical description of the new vampire. (i.e. It's the blonde-haired woman)
  4. Relative Generation of the new vampire (i.e. She is of Stronger/Weaker blood than I)
  5. Specific Generation of the new vampire (i.e. She is two steps closer to Caine than I)
  6. Relative Clan of the new vampire (i.e. Feels like one of the Low Clans
  7. 7: Specific Clan of the new vampire (i.e. She's a Gangrel.)


Obfuscate will increase the difficulty of the roll. A vampire with Obfuscate 2 activated will increase the difficulty of the roll by the level of their obfuscate (max 10). (i.e. a vampire with obfuscate 5 using obfuscate 2's effect, will raise the difficulty to 10).

Protean will increase the number of successes on detection. Due to the discipline's beastial nature it makes the vampire more easily detectable to other vampires.

Frenzy / Rotschrek will increase the number of successes on detection. A vampire who has recently frenzied is more easily identified by other vampires.

  • Within the past week: + 1 autosuccess
  • Within the past day or same night: +2 autosuccess

Generation will increase the number of successes on detection. A vampire's generation makes it easier for them to be detected by other vampires. For every level of generation (background) possessed by the vampire, the difficulty is lowered by 1 (generation 3) or by 2 (generation 4+).


An 11th generation gangrel who has frenzied within the past day or so (+2 autosuccesses for the opponent) with protean 2 (+1 autosuccess for the opponent) walks into the local sanctuary where there's a 10th generation ventrue.

Both players roll Perception+generation (Gangrel has 2 in generation, Ventrue has 3).

The ventrue rolls versus 6. The ventrue automatically has 3 successes due to the gangrel's circumstances and can easily pick out 'The brown haired guy by the bar is a vampire'.

The gangrel rolls versus 5 (-1 difficulty for the ventrue's generation).