San Clemente
Important Information
Status Dark
Security None
Tube Station Yes
Points of Interest
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The blasted remains of a city in central LATMA, now part of the Radiation Zone. The city lies north of San Onofre and south of Laguna Niguel.

Theme / RP HooksEdit

The Tube station still functions, but why would you want to go there? Though fallout and radiation from the meltdown of the San Onofre reactor has faded somewhat, there's still nothing there but blasted wasteland, and if the rumors are true, O47 monstrosities.


None -- individuals must supply their own security.

Recent EventsEdit

A large jungle, called the San Clemente Jungle, spread throughout a region of San Clemente when a Reality Bubble intruded upon this 'Prime Reality'. The bubble is populated with a few variety of dinosaurs which suggests that it may be a Temporal Bubble.


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Old School DMEdit

San Clemente once held a sizable Garou population and even a Caern. To limit access to the area, the Garou destroyed the Tube station preventing folk and MetSec agents from gaining easy access.

Long thought to be an irradiated wasteland by mortals, San Clemente is still believed, by the majority of humans, to be an area of fallout. This myth is slowly fading, however, as residents have begun to rebuild the city. The rebuilding efforts have extended almost out to the highway itself that runs through the so-called radiation zone.

The city is a refuge for dark citizens and others who wish to escape the oppressive control of the corporations, or the danger of the streets in other dark areas. It has its own law enforcement and small government, behaving and formed as a Greek city-state. Rumors, however, have begun to circulate that the very corporations San Clemente's citizens want to escape may be the next to inhabit, and take over, the city. The rumors surround recent interest in renovating and bringing to life, under corporate sponsorship, the San Onofre nuclear power plant.

Still not widely known to humans, the word of the city has spread to Garou and Kinfolk. It is known to the Nation as an area with a high concentration of Garou and Kinfolk, and one of the last truly safe locations for the Garou in LATMA.