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Basic Information
Concept Corporate and Runner
Age Late 30's
Status Bright
Nature nature
Demeanor demeanor
Detailed Information
sphere Mortal
group n/a
faction n/a
position position
Troupe troupe


Sacha was born in British Columbia in Canada. But at a very early age all trace of her life goes under the radar, and she doesn't return to the surface until she is 18 years old. By this time she moves south, with three other persons. They drift from place to place, and one by one the group gets smaller and smaller, until Sacha ends up alone in the corporate controlled LATMA.
In LATMA Sacha met a modeling agent who got her into that business, and over the years she has done all sorts of modeling.
Today she works as a freelance photographer, with base of operations in West Pasadena, where she has a small studio in Victory Towers.

Recent History[]


She is an easy-going and well-liked person, with a slight hint of temperament when someone tries to cross swords with her.

RP Hooks[]

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  • Corporate: Running a freelance photography business gives her contact with the corporate world when it comes to newspaper and magazine types of corporations.
  • Ex-model: She has had a long life in the modeling world, both in front of the camera and behind, doing all aspects of the business.
  • Recon specialist: As a part of her hidden past, she is trained and cyber-fitted to run deep infiltration and recon missions.


Investigation +1 or corporate connections

Sacha runs a freelance photography business out of west Pasadena. She is a former model herself. With a little legwork on the Matrix or shelves at the local news stands in the city it's easy to dig up pictures of or by her, present and new.

Investigation +3 or Streetwise +3

Sacha supplements her day job with running the shadows as a recon specialist. Her extensive cyber augmentations make her ideal for photo reconnaissance, and long time observation jobs in the dark sectors and the wasteland.

Streetwise +4

Sacha has been rumored to participate in a few infiltration missions in the past. More precisely, it's said that she has helped ex-filtrate some people from some dangerous locations.
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RP Prefs & Disclaimer[]

  • I really don't like to die, or be disfigured. But else......