Dark Metal MUSH Wikia
Basic Information
Concept Wolf of Anaheim
Age Unknown
Status Dark
Nature Caregiver
Demeanor Bravo
Detailed Information
sphere Vampire
group Gangrel
faction Sabbat
position Bishop
Troupe NA

Recent History[]


"Make your pack strong..."

Saligiare, a young Sabbat pack in LATMA, declared Rook it's Ductus. Their history as a pack was brief and fiery, leading to clashes with the Camarilla over a variety of territorial disputes caused, in greater part, by the pack. Their agenda was to make war with the Camarilla, with no backing from Tijuana.

Based in Anaheim, Saligiare's more permanent members included Rook as Ductus, Stone as Priest, Lochivere as Templar, Raj as ... a crazy-assed ravnos with a thing for torturing his victims, and a nosferatu (whose name escapes me at the moment, sorry nossie!). Ancilliary members included Iana, Rook's ghoul, and Tadriel, the pack's Abbess.

Over time, without any support from Tijuana--indeed they all seemed to be asleep at the wheel, Rook declared himself Bishop of Anaheim. This led to...


"Know your enemy..."

Violence erupting between the Anaheim Sabbat and the Tijuana Sabbat, the ancient vampires from the south finally chiming in with their opinions on this upstart pack of 'mongrel Sabbat', led to a parting of ways. While both continued to engage in traditional Sabbat activities, Tijuana was turning toward the NAE, while Anaheim opted to hold out.


Anaheim was declared, legally and begrudgingly, Rook's territory and he its Bishop, but this wouldn't last long. The continued fight between the Saligiare and elements of the Camarilla willing to carry out the fight led to the eventual destruction of the pack. Stone was killed by Tane. Tadriel was killed by the Prince. The nosferatu and Iana disappeared. Lochivere remains at large...

The culmination of the war saw Rook staked in the Camarilla Elysium, Mercurio off to take her own fight straight to Tijuana, and Raj wanting to gift the vampire world with his insanity.

Rook was diablerized.


Horrid Form.gif

Rook, to many, is a simple man. Very straight-forward, he does not mince words. He could be considered quick to anger, but that might be a misperception easily-attributed to his bestial nature.






RP Hooks[]

  • None. Rook is gone.


Mordred's Song - Blind Guardian

Demons - Imagine Dragons

Fallen Angel - Three Days Grace