Basic Information
Type Item/ Technology
Status Bright
Additional Information
Sphere Mortal
Faction Corporations
ST Wyck
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New Tech

Repulser technology is very limited within LATMA. The technology to lift vehicles and such has been restricted and proprietary by the corporations for years. However, technology has a way of getting out of the cave and eventually the schematics made their way out to the net. However, the 'common' repulser' was only able to support a few pounds. The amount of battery charge needed to power enough pads to lift a human does not exist. Technically, assuming that the pads were plugged into a continual power source, they could lift a human-sized (weighted) object perhaps a few inches.

For now, until better batteries can be constructed or more effecient means of storing a charge - the repulser pad technology is limited to small objects; most generally Ball Drones.

The secrets for how to build repulser pads were "hacked" (secretly leaked) by the inventor company to see if anyone could overcome the flaws of the design and improve upon them.

Some people have implemented repulser pad technology to make a lamp hover a few feet off of the ground. The problem is that the pads drain so much energy that they will eventually lower back to the floor as their charge fades. The one remarkable breakthrough in repulser pad technology was when a child-genius was able to pair a Solar Weave shell around the pad so that the repulser could power itself (within reason). So long as the weight limits are not exceeded, the repulser pad can continue to keep that object hovering in the air until the solar cells were depleted). He was then able to sell his designs to Yamakura for enough money so that the boy need not think or worry about money ever again.

The resultant technology has been used in the 'up-scale' toy market for a few years but still waits for a practical application.