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The Redlands is an area that encompasses the ruins of San Bernadino, south of the mountain range that divides it from the Wastelands. The Redlands represent the eastern-most portion that could be partially considered part of the LATMA Metropolitan Zone. No Tube reaches the Redlands and many consider it to be a 'fringe' area of the Wastelands where many Lowtech , Dark citizens live.  

The Redlands is the start of the Mojave Freeway that can provide access to Barstow and eventually Old Vegas

RP Hooks[]

  • Off The Grid: Since the area is beyond the Tube and considerd almost the 'fringe of the fringe' of LATMA , it is left on its own. There are no corporations present, no real industry and plenty of nooks and crannies where people can get lost. 
  • Lawless: There is no MetSec in the Redlands. It's too far beyond their sphere of influence and without some corporate holding being located within its borders, there's no need to patrol it. Occasionally there will be a gunship fly over while on the way towards the Wasteland or maybe a security force if they're tracking down a super but that's very infrequent. 
  • Ruins: The Redlands exist upon the remains of the city of San Bernardino which was extremily large (the 17th largest in the state and the 100th largest in the country Pre-Fall) and exceptionally poor. San Bernardino was the poorest city of its population size in California, and the second poorest in the United State after Detroit.

Points of Interest[]


  • San Bernardino International Airport (Ruined but now a habitat)
  • San Manuel Ampatheater (Converted into terraced farmland)
  • Sante Fe Depot (Old Train Station, sturdy, now habitat)
  • Inland Center Mall (Ruined, now a habitat)
  • The Wall (a massive wall that surrounds the Red Lands and blocks the only pass through the mountains to the Mojave Freeway
  • Paradiso Tower (unfinished apartment building, now home of the Paradiso Colony )

Nearby Landmarks[]


  • San Bernardino Mountains (forested, wild)
  • Big Bear Lake (San Bernardino Mountains)
  • San Gabriel Mountains (forested, wild)
  • San Jacinto Mountains (forested, wild)
  • Cajon Pass (the pass between the San Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountains)
  • The Wall : A fortified structure with a single gate on the Mojave Freeway.
  • The Scrub Lands : Unclaimed and generally sparsely settled areas south of the Redlands.