Reboot / Reboot Upgrade
Reboot upload
Basic Information
Type Item / Cyberware
Status Bright
Additional Information
Sphere Mortal
Faction Corporations
Associated Conventions
The Reboot Revolution

Basic PackageEdit

You have been fitted with the cyberware component which permits you to download your 'backup' on a daily basis to the Consortium's Reboot servers (or whatever it is they're using...). Upon death, after suitable investigation, a clone creation of you will be 'rebooted' and returned to productive life in LATMA. Excessive deaths or other questionable circumstances may delay this process, and during downtime the individuals in question are permitted the run of the Matrix. (Attempting to jack out while a Matrix 'ghost' simply places the character into a sleep-like state for eight hours.)

Reboot UpgradeEdit

You've got the Reboot package, but you're looking for something with a little more of a guarantee. The Reboot Upgrade includes insurance for your cyberware, more rapid restoration, optional satellite uplink, and fewer questions asked about exactly how you came to die. The Consortium might still take notice if things get particularly extreme, but RHIP.