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Realities Amalgamated
Important Information
Type Roleplay Faction
Sphere Technocracy
Known Members
Marcus Grey
Operation Inoculation

Realities Amalgamated, Multinational Conglomerate

Home office: Boston Metropolitan Region

Specializing in: Communications Technology, Personal Electronics, Neurotech


In 1996, legislation was passed in the United States that severely affected all of the telecommunication fields. Many companies collapsed, were absorbed, or merged in the following years. Realities Amalgamated was born at this time. Originally an alliance of several businesses representing communications, computer, and entertainment technologies, R.A. solidified into one entity, just before The Fall occurred, in late 1999. Looking back, one can almost imagine that the Fall was predicted by this corporation, or at least seen as a distinct possibility, because not only did it come together in the proverbial nick of time, its performance during the dark years that followed was nothing less than extraordinary.

While international corporations were crashing, and companies in the states and abroad were dissolving into nothingness in the span of a day, R.A. remained remarkably stable, and even expanded to a degree. When paranormals were revealed to be truth rather than myth, a great demand occurred for technology that would help the 'normals' combat, or at least defend against, the paranormal threat. R.A. was right there, a forerunner in advanced sensory and neurological cybernetics. When the governments of the world began to crumble, and the global community threatened to regress into hundreds of warring city states, R.A. provided a life-line of communication with its formidable internet and satellite network, offering a badly needed sense of stability and contact to a world thrown into chaos.

Finally, as the world began to steady itself, R.A. was well positioned to pick up the pieces left scattered by the Fall. Growing at a phenomenal rate, it became a powerful force in the world's rebuilding process, helping other corporations and even governments settle back into productivity.

Now, however, it seems that luck has run out for this Multinat. Its reach overextending its grasp, R.A. may have spread itself too thin. Certain branches have been left to atrophy, while other limbs of this monster have been severed completely. While there is no doubt that R.A. is still an economic juggernaut, there is an underlying sense that it may well be in its Autumn years.


Ameratsu ?
Helix Corp ?
GenCorp ?
Metsec "We are very grateful for the assistance provided by Metropolitan Security."
- Corporate Spokesman