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Prometheus Rising
Important Information
Type Troupe
Sphere Mortal, Others
ST Wyck-ST
Primary Convention Shipwreck
Base Wastelands
Plot Nights Mon - Thur
(morn & eve, EST)
Known Members
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Prometheus Rising is a Rp Troupe based on the Shipwreck Convention. Rp will vary in location from LATMA to the Wastelands.  


(Use Character/Prometheus Rising) Players wishing to play in this troupe should contact Wyck in game to discuss their character's background and contribution. Additionally you will need to speak with Lovecraft to see how you would come to work for him on his team. 

Looking For[]

  • Scientist Types / Researcher


This Troupe and the main Convention that we're playing would probably be suited more for Mortal, Mortal+, etc. There's always the possibility of pulling in characters from other spheres but you'd have to have a good reason how you're involved with the exploration of an alien ship in the Wastelands

  • Are you a Wastelander?
  • Are you a corporate type from LATMA?
  • Scientist? 
  • Security Officer?
  • Scout?


The Troupe will bounce between the Wastelands and LATMA

Rules & Policies[]

Plot Evolution[]

  • Reports:  The first plot for the Troupe will involve investigating their copy of the Phoenix Report and make plans to investigate the remains of the crashed ships in Shipwreck.
  • They have information on a Sentinel and a Holo Projector
  • Session #1: Background investigation into the Phoenix Report. See Log:
  • Session #2: Getting to Blythe to secure Runner guides. See Log


(Use Log/Prometheus Rising)