Prometheus foundation
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Sphere Mortal
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The Prometheus Foundation is a PC-owned corporation that operates in and around LATMA and is associated with the Prometheus Rising Rp Troupe.


The Prometheus Foundation is a research corporation that often understakes 'unorthodox' methods to produce technological breakthroughs and innovations based on concepts that others would have dismissed as fantastical. 


The Foundation was built by Giger Lovecraft is roughly four years old but has only recently explored operations outside of LATMA. Just this past year they completed construction of their Redlands research facility for off-the-books projects outside of the observation of the Consortium


The Prometheus Foundation has a number of corporate-owned resources in and around LATMA

  • Prometheus-holding-01
    A secure research facility in the hills north of the Redlands
  • Two Aerodyne vehicles at the disposal of its CEO Lovecraft.
  • A complete ARC research lab with two Paladin escort vehicles.
  • The Foundation also maintains a security force of about two-dozen, well-trained operators.
    • Each security trooper is armed with a Pulse Rifle and standard body armor.
  • Level 4 Contact within the Consortium: Mister Sanders.


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