Dark Metal MUSH Wikia

Rp logs are a handy way to record and spread the fun of a scene with others. Here at Dark Metal the wiki is a great place to post rp logs so that others can read up and see what else has happened on the grid.

Should you want to post an RP Log, just use the following template when you make your page: (easy to just cut-and-paste) it into the new window.

  • Right Click here to create a new page.
  • Name the page in this way:
  • Cut and paste the code below into the new window
  • Fill in the Template
  • Add your log
  • Adjust your categories for everyone involved
  • Publish
| name        = Log's Name
| image       = Image:Placeholder_other.png
| location    = On grid
| date        = RL Date / Time
| sphere      = what spheres are involved
| troupe      = What troupes were involved
| summary     = what happened?
| characters  = Characters present
Add your log here.
--End Log--

[[Category:Log/(location)]] (usually what city)
[[Category:Log/(faction)]] (either what sphere, or what pc faction)
[[Category:Log/(troupe)]] (if it was a troupe scene)
[[Category:Log/(month-year)]] (so Log/July-2015)