Important Information
Status Grey
Security Stig-Martyr
Tube Station Yes
Points of Interest

Pasadena is a Grey suburb of the LATMA Metro, near the northern borders of LATMA.

Theme / RP HooksEdit

Pasadena has always been considered a fairly 'Grey' city, having an interesting mixture of Bright citizens and those who are Dark. For some reason the two populations seem to operate fairly well together and generally without incident.

Pasadena connects with Altadena, which continues up into the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains.


Stig-Martyr holds the contract for Pasadena, though MetSec has been known to step in if things get out of hand and threaten to spill over to the Corporate Center or Downtown, just ten miles southwest.

Known CharactersEdit

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Known NPCEdit

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Old School DMEdit

Pasadena is the most popular tourist destination for Bright and Dark citizens.

The crush of people results, therefore, in a confusing mass of humanity. It's within this almost-safe city that strange concealed conflicts occur, often invisible to the untutored observer - partially due to the sheer instability of the population, and partly due to the crush of nightclubs, bars, and mashed together commercial and residential zones.

As rumor has it, at one point, Pasadena was once almost like the pre-Fall Washington D.C. where politics, above all else, governed everything.

Those in charge, now, have either taken a willing vow of secrecy under which subtle control can be wielded, or have vanished, fled to more hospitable climes. The resurfacing of these corporate leaders is always a threat to the citizens and visitors to Pasadena, however.

The whispers behind closed doors are of fears that Pasadena, like Downtown, will reemerge as a city held under the concrete and steel fists of skyscraper-housed tyrants.