Paradiso Colony
Important Information
Type Dark Faction
Sphere NPC
Known Members
Beka Brakes (leader)
The Wastes

The Paradiso Colony is located in the Redlands and has as its headquarters and home the Paradiso Tower. The colony is surrounded by The Wall made out of stacked, red shipping containers. Designed in roughly a circle around the tower, the colony's compound has a few buildings within it but not many. Most of the buildings are ruins and are being canabilized for building material to help shore up the wall and such. Several farms dot the colony's grounds, mostly made by ripping up the concrete from the pre-fall city and importing good quality dirt when necessary. 

Several locations within the colony have been equipped with squares of Solar Weave to capture daylight and turn it into usable energy and create shade for the people working. 

Few people are permitted into the walls of their colony. Those who are are subjected to intensive searches to ensure that they're not bringing anything hostile within their home. As the big Red Wall has become a symbol of safety and security, many Raiders would like nothing better than to tear it town. More than once have the guards on the wall had to take out apparent 'Refugees' who scream to be let in only to be found to be carrying explosives that could open the gate long enough for an attack to be launched.
The colony adopted the name and logo that was on display in the lobby of the building as it was being constructed. No doubt the artwork was plastered everywhere to attract would-be investors into the project before the events of the Fall would turn the remains of the unfinished tower into a place of hope and safety. 
The 'broken knot' symbol started being used by the original colonists to leave markers to those others who were heading towards their new-found place of safety. The marks are still found in places out in the Wasteland where Paradiso scouts mark trails or potential safe spots. 



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