Basic Information
Type Item / Technology
Status Bright
Additional Information
Sphere Mortal
Faction Corporations
ST Wyck
Troupe Prometheus Rising
Associated Conventions
Alien Tech
Paladins were land vehicles designed for operation in harsh environments like the Wastelands. Where as the ARC land craft were designed to be a portable laboratory, the Paladins were designed to provide defense and security for them. 

Designed to be operated by two individuals (driver and weapons) and carry an additional six security / soldiers, the Paladin was equiped with a heavy calibur machine gun on its top (turret) that was controlled by the gunner inside as well as a pair of short-range, high-yield missles that could be used to remove obstructions should the research convoy be trapped by a landslide. 


  • Crew Compliment: 2
  • Security: 6
  • Twin 50-cal turret guns (2000 rounds average)
  • Twin missles turrets (6 missles total)
  • Max speed = 60 mph
  • Longevity = 12 hours of operation before refuel. 
  • EMP Shielded (since they were designed for radiation research)


Resources of 5 are required to legally possess such a vehicle. Typically two are assigned to protect an ARC vehicle. 

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