PACNW is a metropolitan area similar to LATMA though it is located in the Pacific North West approximately covering the areas around Washington State. 

Compared to the broken, wasteful sprawl of southern California, the PACNW arcologies seem like jewels. Developed mostly in the mid- to late-20th century, the cities of the PACNW didn't have time to develop the bloated infrastructures of California. Given this during the post-Fall reconstruction they made use of the new building materials and technologies to build sparklingly clean arcologies based on the original arcology, Silicon Valley.

The main hubs are: Vancouver BC, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Boise.

These independent city states act as hubs for the smaller 'sub-urban' arcologies that surround them.

The PACNW is famous for being reclusive, isolationist but at the same time nice. Known as 'deadly casual' the people of the PACNW want little to do with the the Sprawls, having carved out a little utopia of their own to the north. Utopias always come with a price. The urban centers are dens of vice and O-47 activity runs rampant which is how it is designed. In the outlying suburbs, laws are strict, curfews are enforced and people's lives are sterilized and clean.

Natural resources being their number one industry, technology and software design come a close second giving the PACNW the nickname The Silicon Forest.

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