Order 47, arguably the Consortium's primary concern, declared all supernatural beings to be illegal; they can (and should) be shot on sight. There are insinuations -- generally ignored -- that there are supernaturals working for the Consortium to whom this doesn't apply.

Old School DMEdit

During the Fall, when Vampires, Garou, and Magi warred openly, using their gifts and powers without concern of what attention it brought, the US Armed Forced determined that these things, masquerading as normal humans, were not human. More so, that their existence was a threat to humanity. Later on in 2002, it was further written and agreed upon that these supernatural things were to be treated as the slaves once were: they are beneath the privilege of rights, the freedom to speak, and to stake claim to what normal humans do. In other words, they cannot own a business, a home, any plot of land, take part in any sort of division of responsibilities in a legal manner.

The term 'Order 47', therefore, is a standing call to action (later turned into a law), to exterminate those that resemble, or behave, within the guidelines of the '47' classification. In other words, 47 a detailed classification for anything supernatural, and Order gives explicit rights to those, if they are able, to kill them in order to provide salvation and safety to average humans.

After the term was made into law, a large corporation, dealing mainly in armaments, formed the Metropolitan Security Corporation, otherwise known as MetSec.

MetSec's first contract was to protect the San Onofre nuclear power plant. As MetSec gained notoriety, their financial backing grew.

In 2007, Garou raided the plant, causing the deaths of numerous MetSec officers. The Board of Directors for the MetSec holding company and the Board of Directors for MetSec enacted the Order 47 law, deeming it necessary for all MetSec officers to exterminate supernaturals of all sort, regardless of their state or perceived capacity to harm and danger humans.

In 2010, after numerous blood baths were seen and heard within the state of California, the United States withdraws its support. California is not the only state to be left as a 'bad lands', forced to fend for itself without the possibility of free travel, monetary, or military support from the country it resides in. It is merely one of the most dangerous states, rampant with a supernatural population that defies logic.

After the United States withdraws its support, large corporate entities get together to form various laws, as they see it. In this state, those with the power are those that rule. One standing and state-wide law is the call to action known as Order 47. The message? We humans don't want you here. We are afraid and consider you a danger.

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