Old Vegas is the name given by many Wastelanders to the ruined city of Las Vegas. 

Designated as part of the Las Vegas Freehold , it is an area of the Wasteland that has been reclaimed by the desert. 

The city itself is populated by what could be described as zombies, though perhaps they are something else entirely. They remain inactive until noise disturbs them. They exist in the shells of buildings jutting from the sands.

The outskirts of the main strip contain small enclaves of survivors as well as the remains of those who were overrun and destroyed.

Plot ElementsEdit

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    Nosferatu and Ratkin have carved out a necropolis empire below the ruins of Old Vegas, but have no access to the Helix Facility.
  • The Helix Facility (a holding of the Helix Corporation ) is a techno-nephandi corporation transplanted from another reality and exists beneath the city -- think Umbrella Corp