New Aztec Empire
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Type Roleplay Faction
Sphere NPC
Known Members

The NAE are known to support public supernatural figures, often brutal creatures who have taken back the Aztec, Mayan, Incan, and other pantheons of old Mexico. Human sacrifice is well known. However, they cannot be discounted as savages - the NAE have at least as advanced a technological system as LATMA .

NAE is basically Mexico and Central America and is a known Supernatural Theocracy. 

Precisely as the name implies, LATMA Corporate Center is a city-sized version of corporate complexes as seen pre-Fall. Strong-minded, and financially well-padded, business men and women flock to, vying for corporate space within the city.

It is not a city without character, however, and there can be seen smaller shops standing firm between sky-scrapers on certain cities. A place of wonderment for tourists and citizens of a different kind - reveling in the sheer quietude that concrete, steel, and glass make up. Within each corporation, all of them under protection from internal forces and MetSec, are housed the best and the brightest - the next leaders, ingenious inventors, and ruthless dictators.

Of the most ruthless and heartless are the leaders, and power-players, within the CHC. A corporation so large and well-connected that their employees are given identifying numbers, their personal lives and families drifting off in the face of realizing, after a short period of time, that they are a corporate sponsored being.

Nepotism runs rampant, and the twisted and vile underbelly of the corporations within Corporate Center set a different sort of standard, a darker one, for all corporations within LATMA to aspire to.

Recent News

The New Aztec Empire significantly diminished the power of the Sabbat in South America


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