Metropolitan Areas, aka 'Metros', are settlements created by the corpocratic Consortiums after The Fall

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The Los Angeles Tijuana Metropolitan Area. No one mentions the area in between - the Radiation Zone - the land ostensibly scoured by the fallout that occurred when the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant had a serious meltdown. Since the evacuation - it's been swept under the carpet and forgotten about. For most norms, it's just that stretch of blasted desert between LA proper, the San Diego domes, and the Mexican border, home to nothing any good citizen would want to care about. The United States are now only called the United States by other countries -- to residents they're designated by Metropolitan Areas. There is, apart from LATMA,

  • NewBos (New York/Boston),
  • UEC (Upper East Coast -- Baltimore to Raleigh/Durham, NC)
  • LEC (Lower East Coast -- Atlanta to Jacksonville, FL)
  • SunVille (Miami to Key West)
  • SKIMA (the popular skiing areas of Colorado)
  • The Rust Belt (Chicago/Milwaukee/Detroit)
  • Texas (Houston/Dallas/Austin)
  • NWA (NorthWest Alliance: San Francisco/Portland/Seattle).

The areas are huge, sprawling areas patrolled by independently contracted police forces, governed by groups within the cities, and surrounded by well-patrolled border areas that separate the cities from the barely populated, outlaw-ruled wastelands of the rest of the country. Within the cities, the buildings are crumbling and old but at the same time regularly updated with the newest technology, juxtaposing the decrepit and incredible in ways that make the bleak city almost supernatural and ghostly.

Known Metros include:Edit

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