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Octavia Locke
Basic Information
Concept Balance
Age 32
Status Bright
Nature Survivor
Demeanor Soldier
Detailed Information
sphere Mage
group New World Order
faction Technocracy
position Sniper
Troupe Order of Reason


The Fall[]

Word came down the pipeline while they were on the base for target practice that The Fall had encroached on their town. The realization hit her that nothing would be the same ever again. She married the good man she'd grown so fond of, for surely they'd be dead before the ink on the dirty napkin that served as a marriage cert. from their C.O. was even dry. Right? Wrong.

They fought, slept in ditches, survived - if one could call it that - off of rations and rat-on-a-stick. The latter she grew rather fond of but never did get a taste for the former, if we're being honest. Though she was born into wealth, Locke grew used to the living conditions, finding luxuries where she could for herself, her husband, mostly in the way of shelter and ammo, explosives.

When the fighting came to an end the pair found their way to an abandoned farmhouse and began to make a life there. Much as in war, however, it's not the war itself that'll kill ya, it's the downtime. The waiting. Voodoo cracked first, taking to the bottle for comfort. Their relationship, such as it was, sailing in a handbasket straight toward hell.

Then... something about nail polish remover, a roaring fire in the fireplace, a drunken Voodoo, and a reported-dead Locke from the subsequent blast. They never did find a body.

She wasn't dead, not all the way. When she was found wandering the grassy plains, pockmarked by blasts from the war, she was wholly unaware of herself and taken to the nearest functioning hospital. Only after surgery would she remember.

With the war over, her assets were unfrozen and actually worth something again. The scars were gotten rid of, mods added and added to. Knowing that she wouldn't be able to sit around day and night, work was sought and a line cast brought back word of an opening with MetSec in LATMA...



"No need to run. You'll only die tired."

"The madman with the army is teaching the queen how to catch cannon balls in her teeth."





RP Hooks[]

  • Did they know each other pre-Fall? Work together at MetSec? Meet each other at a favorite coffee shop by accident? Perhaps they were related, for good or ill, or were otherwise entangled. I'm open to almost anything.

Gallery and Props[]


Apocalyptic - Halestorm

Aerials - System of a Down

Killpop - Slipknot

Die Motherfucker Die - Dope

God is God - Juno Reactor

Counting Bodies Like Sheep - A Perfect Circle (Remix)

In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins (Remix)