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The Court of Blood would work to ensure the mutual survival of the Vampires in a given territory. To accomplish this they institute a modified version of the Traditions of the Camarilla . They have been renamed as the 'Laws of the Night' as they're the only sense of order for the vampires after the collapse of their individual factions. The Laws of the Night are about as strict as the 'Pirate Code'. They're kept simple, straight-forward and open to as much interpretation as you want to risk.

  • The Law of Masks: (Masquerade) Reveal your nature at OUR own risk. Do it stupidly and you will pay for it.
  • The Law of Blood: (Progeny, Accounting and Destruction) Making more of our kind can potentially put us at risk if the Law of Masks is broken. You are responsible for your own progeny until they are formally released from your instruction. Even then, you may be held accountable for their actions if you did not teach them well enough. Additionally, making more of us can potentially limit our feeding stock. Don't get crazy and embrace everything that moves.A sire can kill his progeny, but for a vampire to kill another vampire (unless in self-defence) is murder. Murder of one's own kind - especially in times when a Blood Court is called - is a serious offense and will most certainly be something brought up in court. 
  • The Law of Domain: (Domain) A vampire's territory is his to maintain and to defend. If he can't defend it by himself he should either claim smaller territory or find others of the blood to help him defend it. It is his responsibility to defend it against any outside (non-vampire) threats to the Blood (vampires) or to the Herd (humans). Vampires are encouraged to mark their territory or make it known at the Blood Court. Hunting in the domain of another or generally 'messing' with the territory is grounds for a grievance - and is subject to the Tribunal - unless you can prove that you're a better steward of the domain.