Officially known as the Los Angeles to Tijuana Metropolitan Area, LATMA is a sprawl of new growth and untouched ruins. A dozen blocks of bombed-out wreckage may exist just outside a wall enclosing an ultra-Bright sector where the cyber-enhanced wealthy live in luxury, and even the wreckage is better than the ruined, lifeless desert wasteland that surrounds most of the city. It's a land of ashes, and what grows out of it (whether real or metaphorical) is sometimes astonishingly beautiful, but more often mutant horrors.


Settled LATMA ranges from the heavily urbanized Corporate Center sector to the brutal Tijuana slums. There are vast chunks of unsettled territory in between, some of it still effectively wilderness (as it was in pre-Fall days). Outside the bounds of the city proper, much of the land is a waste. The San Onofre Radiation Zone remains largely uninhabitable (and few care to try), and many areas were bombed into useless wreckage during the many anti-supernatural battles. There are known to be bands of survivors who make their homes outside LATMA, but even the most wretched of the Dark inhabitants of the metropolis are better off than the hardscrabble refugees on the outside. Water is perpetually difficult to find, food even more so, and then there are the other survivors who want what they have. Worse, there are unconfirmed but regular reports of... other things... in the wastes, creatures brought to light by the Fall who no longer feel the need to conceal themselves, or who were actually created by the vast supernatural forces released during the war.

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