Rumor has it that the guy who invented it came from back east somewhere and the demand started to shoot up for it so much that the Dealers and Gangs started to go to war over it. Two rival gangs, one South American and one Asian wanted his formulas but he wanted money. In this case, he wasn't smart enough to cover all of his bases and the gang-to-gang war got him. One major gang got the formula for Jade the other got Ice.


Each dose of Jade comes in a small, green-button like pill that is taken orally. The initial effects is similar to Ecstasy in that the user has a heightened state of awareness of physical sensation. After approximately ten - fifteen minutes the level of heightened senses becomes nearly superhuman. Essentially this drug grants a temporary perception buff of +1 for approximately twenty minutes or so. Within twenty minutes the effects of the drug will wear off and the user becomes incredibly thirsty almost to the point of dehydration. After a few bottles of water the side-effects are remedied and they can continue with life with the usual 'hangover' effects lingering until the next morning. Repeated abuse allows the user to extend the period of heightened senses from twenty minutes to thirty and longer. However, this continual use or multiple dosing has a price. Wherein the user would normally start to feel the effects weakening after twenty minutes, the effects essentially 'stack' and the user has uncontrolled heightened senses. Enhanced perception, greater susceptibility to overwhelming stimuli. Even the smallest sounds begin to thunder in their ears to the point of deafening pain. Anything but pitch-black darkness will nearly drive the person into a migraine-like bout of photo phobia. The increased heightened senses is a +2 buff for thirty minutes (with repeated or double doses) but anything after thirty minutes becomes nearly unintelligible as the overwhelming stimuli becomes too painful to sort through.

RP HooksEdit

  • There are only a few distributors for Ice within the city.
  • This drug is commonly found sold by South American gangs, their distributors or connections.
  • No one has been able to successfully reproduce the formula and the sellers have gone to great length to protect its secret and their profits.