Basic Information
Type Package/
Status Dark
Additional Information
Sphere Wastelands
Faction Any
ST Wyck-ST
Associated Conventions
Reality Bubble
Infestation is a convention for the Wastelands. It involves a small reality bubble that has let in some kind of alien insect species that have built a nest.

Known DetailsEdit

Aerial reconnaissance by Consortium drones have reported the potential hive deep within the Wastelands, east of the ruins of Old Vegas in a green and scrub area near the edge of the Grand Canyon. The hive would easily threaten anything and anyone within the area.

Identified Life FormsEdit

Through remote drone scans the following life forms have been identified in or around the hive.

Known HivesEdit

As of the last sweep, three hives were reported that seem to be following the flow of the Colorado River and  are either spreading from east to west or from west to east. The size of the third hive, farthest from Old Vegas would suggest that it is the oldest and so the investation could be spreading in a westerly direction. Based on current projections, the "Chlorovite" infestation could reach the edge of LATMA within six months to a year. 


Starship Troopers Clip

Starship Troopers Clip

This plot is based around (stolen from) the idea of the Starship Troopers alien bug infestation.