Infernal Pact
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Type Package/ Convention: Magic
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Sphere Mortal+
ST Wyck-ST
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Should one ever discover the true name of one of the Elder beings of the Court of Hell -and- the means of contacting them, it is possible to create an arrangement whereby the mortal is granted powers in exchange for a price, often paid annually or monthly depending on the potency of the ability.


Sacrifices and offerings must be made at an altar created specifically to appease the Elder with which the pact is struck. Should the altar be destroyed or corrupted it will need to be recreated or repaired prior to the cost being paid. It is not uncommon for the Thrall (a person who has made a pact) of one Elder to be sent to destroy the altar of another to prevent offerings from being made.

Rarely will any infernal being allow a mortal to gain powers from more than one of its kind. They value the sacrifices and offerings made to them and are jealous of their own kind. However, once a mortal has made a pact with one Elder, they are free to bargain for any Pact offered by them. Once a pact has been made with a mortal, they are considered to be in service to that Infernal being and are given a mark (often in the form of a tattoo-like symbol) somewhere upon their body.


In game-like terms, each pact-related ability is expressed in three ways:

  • One, the Elder who grants it,
  • Two, the pact rating to show its approximate potency,
  • Three, its cost. The cost of a pact is always calculated at its highest rating.

So if a mortal has a Pact of Beauty 2, they only pay the cost for the second step of that power rather than compounding it. Additionally, the cost of one Pact can not be used to pay for another. Should a Thrall have both Pact of Beauty and Pact of Seduction, the costs are separate.

Curiously enough - there is no pact granted by an Elder that would allow a Thrall to read minds, discern secrets or otherwise view their intentions.

Elder Pact Cost Approximation
Lyrah Pact of Seduction Corrupting Innocence Dominate
Lyrah Pact of Beauty Destroying Youth Presence
Malbogia Pact of Transformation Hunting Mortals Protean
Malbogia Pact of the Beast Feeding the Beasts Animalism
Amentu Pact of Regeneration Cannibalism Regeneration
Amentu Pact of Life Hemophagia Longevity
Azmarath Pact of Iron Potence
Azmarath Pact of Stone Fortitude
Miathangol Pact of Shadows Obtenebration
Ragatha Pact of Flames Thamaturgy:Lure of Flames

Known PactsEdit

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