Hypo Spray technology is common within Bright society of LATMA. The technology involves an injector and then a vial of whatever chemical needed to be injected or sprayed on the patient.

Vials are either color-coded or has a identity band around the base. 

  • Blue: Pain Killer / Antibiotic
  • Green: Burn Treatment / Dermal Regneration
  • Yellow: Antivenom / Counter-Toxin
  • Red: Stimulant

Hypo Sprays are common in nearly every Bright Household. It's like having a first aid kit but you just need a variety of vials to treat whatever might happen. 

Med Kits which are found nearly everywhere in Bright society will always have a hypo spray injector plus a basic selection to cover most emergencies. These med kits are readily available to anyone with Resources 3.