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Holo Projector
Basic Information
Type Item/ Alien Tech
Status Bright
Additional Information
Sphere Mortal
Faction Corporations
ST Wyck
Troupe Prometheus Rising
Associated Conventions

Holo Projector (Active)

A Holo Projector is a bit of Alien Tech found in the Shipwreck out in the Wastelands. The device is metallic, roughly bronze in color and is exactly six inches in diameter

What is known[]

  • When the device is activated (by pressing the sides with the markings in a specific combination), the surface acquires a green glow and a light is emitted from the center gem. 
  • When activated, all light sources (save for fire) are diminished within twenty feet. 
  • When activated, it project an image of humanoid size to scale for the viewer. (If placed on the ground the humanoid will be of the same height as the person using it) if held in the hand it will project a smaller image)