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Hive Armor
Basic Information
Type Item / Technology
Status Bright
Additional Information
Sphere Mortal
Faction Corporations
ST Wyck-ST
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Hive Armor (H.I.V.E.) is a creation of Anubis Industries that utilizes small, interwoven, hexagonal plates of a proprietary composite material to lessen the injuries suffered from high velocity impacts.

Hive is an acronym which was coined during the armor technology's development. H.I.V.E. = High Impact and Velocity Elimination.

The hexagonal plates of this armor weave are able to absorb high velocity rounds and crushing impacts before fracturing. It is said that a H.I.V.E. battle plate can take 95% of the impact from a round from a Pulse Rifle at 20 feet. The H.I.V.E. plates are affixed to a heat-resistant fabric and then covered with breathable, rip-stop material creating a flexible, durable suit of light body armor.


  • H.I.V.E. Armor suits are usually something only found to the north in the area of Hind-Manchu as its creator Anubis Industries is unwelcome within LATMA due to their stance on people who would violate Order 47.
  • Possession of H.I.V.E technology could get a person into trouble with the Consortium as they do not want any collaboration outside of their borders with such companies.
  • A typical H.I.V.E. battle suit would probably be available to someone with Resources 4.