Dark Metal MUSH Wikia
Basic Information
Type Item / Vehicle
Status Dark
Additional Information
Sphere Mortal
ST Wyck-ST
Troupe Prometheus Rising
Associated Conventions
Convention: Vehicle

Hellcats are modified, often scavenged bikes that are tossed together from spare parts out in the Wastelands. Those bikes in the Dark Areas or the Wastelands are more functional, often covered in random material and spare parts from whatever can be found. 


Most Hellcats are built with relatively good engins, scrap parts and filled with bad fuel. They can run for about 400 miles before needing to fill up.


  1. Extra Tank: Because running out of gas can easily mean death out in the Wastes - a lot of Runners will have an extra, backup tank on their rig. This backup is often where one of the side-bags should be and will often give them another full tank (400 miles).
  2. Jumper: A small oxy boost on the bike will jump the bike's speed up to 90 for about a minute, great for when they need to get ahead of their pursuers.