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Important Information
Status Grey
Security MetSec/Local
Tube Station Yes
Points of Interest

Escondido is a city in southern LATMA, the closest to the southern edge of the Radiation Zone and is only a few hours travel to San Diego; a known buffer area between LATMA and the states of the New Aztec Empire

Theme / RP Hooks[]

A packed mass of humanity, Escondido - previously a mixed commercial-residential area - has become a rat's warren of buildings jammed cheek to cheek, fighting to stay within the patrolled boundaries that keep its Grey area from becoming Dark. Some sections of the city remain Bright enough to look decent, sell decent things, and attract a decent clientele, especially nearest the Tube station. Others, filtering out toward the fringes, are sliding decidedly into the Dark. Some business owners are making a concerted effort to improve the area, but as with most urban renewal projects post-Fall, are making slow headway.


Technically MetSec, but being so far south means response times can be long (when they bother to come at all). Most residents and businesses supply their own security or contract with a local provider.

Recent Events[]

  • The Broken Throne: A year ago, a large 'Hover Ship ' crashed into the city (though it's uncertain as to where in the city). The damage has subsequently been cleaned up as much as possible but the swath of destruction to the more dark, fringe area of the city remains. 


(Use Log/Escondido)

Old School DM[]