Basic Information
Concept Baron of Santa Monica
Age Unknown
Status Dark
Nature Rogue
Demeanor Revolutionary
Detailed Information
sphere Wraith
group Risen
faction NA
position Baron
Troupe if you have one.

Recent HistoryEdit

The self-named Baron of Santa Monica was killed in 2049 by a gunman in the Fun Park.

She has returned...and is none-too-pleased at those who now claim power over her domain...


Emily is blunt and quick to act, either very likable or deeply hated with very little grey area.

RP HooksEdit

  • Posing as a vampire because why not?
  • Can often be found in the Santa Monica beach areas.


Changeling What?


Mage I steer clear of the magi. They have power most of us can only dream of.
Mortal We were all human once...


I like how these guys do business, but damned scary.
Wraith A girl has to have her secrets...
Vampire The Camarilla is ok, so long as they keep their distance. The Sabbat? They can DIAF.


RP LogsEdit

(Use Log/Emily)

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