Important Information
Status Bright
Security MetSec
Tube Station Yes
Points of Interest

Downtown LATMA is a Bright area in northern LATMA, adjacent to the Corporate Center.

Arts district

The arts district near the TUBE station, home of the world-famous Acanthus Centre for the Arts

Theme / RP HooksEdit

The commercial shopping center of LATMA, Downtown is filled with the stores, clubs, and outlets of the corporations that make their home in the nearby Corporate Center.


MetSec; Downtown is also the location of their headquarters. Reaction times will be virtually instantaneous -- assume any number of off-duty MetSec personnel are around at all times of day.

Recent EventsEdit


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Old School DMEdit

Capitalism at its best, brightest, strongest, and least subtle.

Downtown is owned, literally, by a collection of rich and highly-influential Bright citizens that dictate what life in Downtown will be like. The nightclubs, restaurants, and one of the residential properties (Embassy Towers) are always being reviewed and on the brink of being shut down, all a result of constant power-struggles.

Akin to the Corporate Center in its level of attentive security - attentive, ruthless, smart, and conniving - Downtown is nevertheless innately somewhat less secure because of its nature. Downtown is the Shopping District, and deserves both capital letters. This is where the post-work corpers come to spend their corporate wages (frequently in stores sponsored by their own employers - their money spends better there), and to party like there was never a Fall. However, as consequence, MetSec in the area have an open license to neutralize anyone who threatens to disturb the capitalism-created and -sustained world.